The Main Trader’s “Weapon”

Close-up shot of the buy and sell buttons from an online stock market app

Strategies as an Investor’s “Weapon”

There exist dozens of binary options strategies and in order to have success, you should use those, which are from your point of view, are the most profitable. Nevertheless, if you are a beginning and inexperienced trader, the right decision would be to start with simple strategies, such as for example, 5-minute trading strategy.

A new participant of a financial market should 100% understand that every strategy that seems to be so perfect, isn’t like that in real and the chances to win or lose are always 50/50. Therefore, it is so important to remember about possible risks and take them into account while trading.

NOTE*** Never invest all funds in one option. As the professional trader’s practice shows, there should be minimum 10-20 investments. There is even a special word for it – diversification – spreading of investments in different ways, methods and forms.

5-Minute Trading Strategy

There is one simple strategy that is suitable and available even for novices. It is called 5-minute trading strategy. It doesn’t require large capital (funds) and experience. This particular strategy doesn’t guarantee 100% success, but it gives an opportunity to receive 75%-80%. During the day, in the presence of certain situation on the market, the strategy can be used not once thus increasing profits in times.

So, the main principle of 5-minute trading strategy is based on an opportunity to buy a 5minute option before an expiration provided by brokers. To have more winning trades over loss-making, you need to learn the market assets and find the one that is increasing or decreasing for a long time. Having chosen such an asset, don’t forget to look at its maximum and minimum figures as they might become critical. Meaning that, for example, when a trend reaches its usual minimum, it will most probably change the direction.

Your Actions

You have already chosen an asset with a stable increasing or decreasing figures. During the set 5 minutes nothing should change. If the price behaves non-movable for a long time and comes to the line in the same condition, then a decision should be made. 5 minutes before the end of an binary option, you should invest a certain amount of money (remember about diversification-not all money at once). After that if the asset price keeps growing-you press the button “Up” and on the contrary. The most important is that a line on a chart should be max straight (without abrupt jumps etc).


As you can see, 5-minute trading strategy is very simple and consequently suitable for beginning traders. Just follow the main rules, instructions and principles and you will definitely enlarge your income in the nearest time.