Binary options trading strategies based on technical analysis

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It is not compulsory to know all the binary options strategies in the world but just a few and the rush, heat and fast pace that you will feel during the trading process on the market will not let you panic or get into some kind of stress and as a consequence lose money.

First of all, you should understand why you are doing this and what can motivate you to perform at your fullest. These are the questions, the answers to which you will most probably find in this short binary options trading guide.


Every one has a dream in life. It can be anything starting from buying an apartment, car and finishing with travelling around the world etc. In order to fulfill these dreams, certain steps should be taken towards it. If you decided to achieve the goal with the help of binary options trading then you should learn the effective and always-winning strategies that will definitely help you. And now more details about some strategies.

News Trading Strategy

This particular type of strategies is one of the simplest and therefore will perfectly suit to traders with little experience or no experience at all (beginners). The idea of this concept is the following – to check, compare and analyze financial news as well as economic situation in the world to make the right predictions on the market. Usually, traders who choose this strategy have great chances to get high profits as technical and economic analysis has never been unnecessary or irrelevant.

Breakout Trading Strategy

The breakout trading strategy also uses technical analysis which is needed to determine trading opportunities in a certain situation where the price is going to change / swift within a very short time-frame. The main rule here is to purchase call options when prices hit the break through and purchase put options when prices are below the level. This kind of strategy is mostly used by experienced traders / investors, yet if you are sure in your skills to analyze the market from the technical point of view then you are very welcome to try it too.

Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading strategy is another strategy that completely relies on technical analysis of certain type of assets on the market. Trading breakout happen within a short period of time, to be exact 15-30 minutes. The most important here is to identify all possible breakout points, only then you have chances to win.


No matter what strategy you opt for, the most important is its complete understanding and an opportunity to make money with it.