Finpari Broker

Everyone who trades binary options on the market, sooner or later starts thinking how to select a trusted broker as the choice is so big. In order to choose the best, the first thing every trader should do is to determine the level of broker’s reliability. This factor is usually based on the point how long and how good the broker performs on the financial market.

One of such brokers is Finpari – very comfortable brokerage company in terms of trading for all traders starting from inexperienced beginners and finishing with advanced investors. Yet the most important is that it is really a very high-quality and reliable broker that has got its reputation due to the company’s hard work, excellent performance and always positive attitude to customers.

Finpari Basic Assets

This particular broker offers a wide range of basic assets which include:

  • shares of the largest companies: Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola and many others;
  • currency pairs – apart from the main currencies, Finpari also offers Canadian and New Zealand dollar, Turkish lira etc;
  • commodities – silver, gold, platinum, wheat, sugar, coffee etc;
  • indexes – DAX, RTX, Nasdaq etc;

All these assets give traders a chance to receive the profit as high as 83% (in case if the trade is winning).

FinpariFinpari Types of Accounts

Depending on the sum of added money on the account, traders get different statuses as well as different opportunities.

  • Bronze – $250-$1000, this kind of an account lets traders receive a 20% bonus on a deposit as well as fast withdrawing process (within an hour). Apart from that it includes a demo-account and educational resources provided by the broker;
  • Silver – $1000-$3000, 50% bonus, a possibility to visit on-line conferences regarding option trading and have the first three trades without risks. This means that if the result is negative, Finpari will compensate the losses;
  • Gold – from $3000 and higher, 100% bonus, an opportunity to use Switzerland card for the protection of funds as well as use the services of a personal manager;

Finpari Educational Resources

In order to get an access to all educational resources, it is enough to register with a broker. After that, you will be capable of watching multiple video-lessons about option trading in English, visit on-line conferences which are held by traders with 30 years of experience. For the holders of either silver or gold accounts, these conferences are free, whereas bronze account owners will have to pay a certain fee.

Finpari Customer Service

Traders can contact customer support service from 9 am regarding any questions about binary options trading, platform, education etc.