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When speaking about the long-run binary option deals, it is important to specify, that they have expiry period starting from 1 full day to some weeks or even months. Usually, the expiry time of binary options vary from half a minute up to 1-2 hours. Recently, such expiration periods have been offered at almost all binary options broker. However, in 2014 brokers started to put into service long-run binary options and there are 2 basic reasons for that. The first reason is that some of the brokers wanted to be different from others, who provided rather similar options. That is why they started introducing long-term ones.

The second reason is, as binary options appeared approximately in 2014 and drew attention, evaluation and complains of actual traders and old-fashioned customers of Forex. They noted that such short-run options are challenging for new users to gain profit, due to the reason, that such options are very problematic to forecast. According to the opinion of such experts (with good reason) binary options would be able to turn into an actual model of investments and financial operating, in case they would not limit the expiry period. It is necessary to underline, that true trading is a long time activity. It means that customers have to be granted a chance to operate with the binary options during a long-run period, if a broker wants the binary options to be considered a serious type of investing, but not simply and entertainment and a lucky chance.

The working strategy of long-run binary options

It is quite easy to explain why this type of options is more predictable in comparison to short-run ones. This is due to the reason that the longer period of expiration makes it easier to forecast, as the markets are not so much changeable.

During a longer period, it is also possible to consider the upcoming large-scale events, which are able to have its effect on the fluctuation of the asset. With short-run periods, it is not possible.

Think of a situation:

You have the information about the expected launching of a new iPhone model in couple of weeks. What do you think about the possible movement of Apple stock after this launch taking into consideration this news? Will Apple shares go up or down? – No doubt, that they will go up in most of the cases. It is a usual situation after a launch of a new product.

It is as simple as that. With the help of long-run binary options strategy ( we suggest you to read this article about binary options strategy ) it is possible to gain profit in binary options. The reason for it is the upcoming large-scale event, which causes the increase of the asset price.
It is unachievable with the short-run options. There is no sense to take into account certain large-scale things in order to forecast the fluctuation of the price within only some minutes or just seconds.

Put it otherwise, the long-run binary options strategies include taking into consideration large-scale events, which are considered to affect the prices of the assets. As for me, it is the simplest model to gain profit in this type of options.


Comparison of long-run binary options strategies with short-run ones

According to my earlier explanations, there is no possibility to count on the influence of upcoming events in case of short-run options (for example, half a minute or five minutes). For such options, it is advisable to apply the policy of technical analysis.

This type of analysis is the progressive kind of policy and requires the examination and understanding of different tables and graphs, as well as application of various indices. For the majority of customers this might cause difficulties, as understanding these tables and graphs is rather complicated in case of a lack of serious basic knowledge in trading.

However, speaking about long-run binary strategies there is only one thing, which is necessary to know. It is the time of the great news or event (for example, the launch of a new product). Based on this information, it is possible to plan your investments.

Actual and precise situation describing the policies for long-run options

Further, there are real situations, describing the usage of such policies. Copying these examples, will result in gaining profit in the binary options.

First situation

It is planned for the Apple to introduce new iPhone in the middle of September, 2016. So you sit and relax for a couple of weeks prior to the Big Day and purchase a binary option with an expiry period on the next day after the launch, make your prediction, claiming that the price of the Apple shares will go up.
And so, you have gained profit in the binary options. Of course, it is not always absolutely true, but following the history of Apple, their stock always increases in value with a launch of a new product.
Although, new product launches of Apple are no more than two such events annually. So obviously, it is necessary to have more than a couple of successful trades to earn real profit in binary options. That is why do apply this binary options strategy with another similar enterprises, for example, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Amazon (including Kindle things), HP, Sony and so on.
With the help of Google just in some minutes, you can find the information on the large-scale events of the mentioned companies.

Second Situation

On the 10th of August, 2016 it is planned for Microsoft to hold its annual revenue report. Couple of weeks prior to this day investigate via Google and find out the forecast of the field, if Microsoft has earned more in the terms of last year or season.

In case all the sources predict that the enterprise has earned more, purchase a long-run binary option stating that the value of the Microsoft shares will increase with an expiry period on the next day after the repost is held. However, in case you will find information that the common opinion is for the Microsoft to make less money or there is a situation of stagnation for the company, then you should purchase an option, claiming that the price of the company’s share will fall by the 11th of August.

The biggest advantage in this policy is that there is a possibility to use this in a wider range of cases than just situation Nr. 1 described above. Think of a large number of enterprises, which are not as popular as such giants like Microsoft or Apple, as well as may not have certain products, because they offer particular service. Simply google the information on their revenue report release dates and then look for the experts’ opinion about it, and purchase the corresponding long-run binary option.

The above mentioned are only 2 kinds of earning profit in long-run binary options strategies.
So now you understand that it is probably the simplest method of money earning. There is also a particular reason, why the brokers launched these options only recently. The big part of the customers are not even acquainted to this type of trading and keep operating with only short-run options. But you now have this information, so remember to apply it and with the help of it you will earn money in binary options.

Brokers that offer long-run binary options

According to the information mentioned earlier, not every broker offers this type of options. That is why I will put down some of the brokers below, which have this kind if options and have a legal status.
Finpari (Works with the United States) – it is among few legal brokers, which offers long-run options and work with the United States registrations. Finpari operates with options that possess the expiry period of maximum one year.
24Option (Does not work with the United States) – This broker is monitored by the European Union and does the long-run options for a period of maximum one year. In case you are not in the United States, chose this broker as your first priority.