Binary Options 60 Second Strategy



60 second binary options strategy is one of the simplest ways to enlarge the balance on your trading account to a considerable sum. Yet at the same time a trader should be very careful with this particular type of strategy as it might make you lose all the money. It is like a two-side coin. In order to get only profit by using 60 second concept, let’s look more precisely at its trading system.

Trading Rules

The trading process is going thanks to a “sensitive” indicator called “Chaos signal” which lets a trader “catch” all changes in charts’ movements and directions. Apart from this “Chaos signal” a trader should use histogram “MACD”. These 2 indicators can be easily downloaded and later used during binary options trading.

After the downloading process is over, you will see a financial quote diagram that will demonstrate 3 entry points. Don’t forget that a trading should happen during American or European trading sessions. Trading schedule can easy be found on any binary options trading site.

Suitable Options

Only “Turbo” binary options can be used for 60 second strategy as 60 second expiration time is presented only in this type of options. Another way out a trader might find is to change trading options and time frames.

Expiration Date

In case of using 60 second binary options system, it is logical that expiration time determined by the broker will also be 60 seconds which can’t be changed.


Having tested the above-mentioned trading system, the 60 second binary options strategy has shown amazing results. The main idea to get the highest profit is to take a trade 2% from the deposit size. For instance, if the deposit is $1000 then a trade shouldn’t be more than $20.


Binary options 60 second strategy has become very popular since its first introduction a few years ago. At first this strategy might seem as a kind of gambling but try it and you will see that with the right knowledge, consistency and efforts it is the most profitable strategy among all existing.

Everything always depends on a trader. Some would prefer to take some time and think over a strategy while others would prefer adrenalin “get-everything-right now- and- right here” attitude. The final choice is always after you.