Options Strategies

Binary options became available online in 2008. The first demo account was offered in February 2010. Currently, most brokers offer a demo account.

Free or deposit

Binary options market is still very young. New brokers appear online all the time. Most brokers now offer a demo account. Some offer it for free, simply fill in the form and you can begin to “trade“. Other brokers require a deposit. You can then trade on a demo account without recourse to the deposit. This gives you a great opportunity to invest electronic money and to assess whether it is something in which you feel confident enough to invest real money.

The advantages of setting up a demo account

You do not use real money. If you need to shoot 1000 orders before anyone can say they really know what they are doing, these 1,000- is at least 10 000 USD. However, some traders prefer the safety associated with the usage of demo account, when they learn the many nuances of binary options trading.

Which method to use

The best traders combine fundamental method and technical one. Remember that binary options are short-term investments – up to 1 month maximum. This makes them less suited to fundamental analysis, even if the assets are undervalued. Technical analysis and market news can work quite well for common options as well.


The signal is something in which you believe, that will help you to predict the direction of the market. If xyz happen and the market goes up it means that you should look out for the future xyz signal. All these methods use the signals found in the data, therefore, are usually numerical. The exception is trade based on sentiment, for example a situation where trader says he likes some assets, it may be a signal, but not necessarily signal based on the data.

How to invest in one option

Even well-informed and punctual traders, who are positive, sometimes lose. Therefore, we receive 80% payment when we win. Therefore, you should practice financial management and invest a small% of your money. If you invest 10% can lose up to 10 operations before it will have failed and this is quite a lot. 2% – 5% is reasonable, but it depends on your own risk tolerance and confidence in elections. If you like risk and are confident than 5% or more would be appropriate. If you are not sure about your choice, and do not want to use risky strategy- 2% or less will be fine. So just pick up the trading strategy you are sure in and make easy money!